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I haven't written a journal in ions but pretty much this one is to give my wife a shout out for being so good to my daughter and I.  She started a GoFundMe article and wrote some pretty amazing things.  If you are interested in reading it, click on the link
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My wife gave birth to our first child, a little girl named Cecelia Elizabeth Routzahn! She was 8 lbs 3 oz and 19.5 inches long. She's amazing and I can't wait to teach her how to rock climb, camp and take pictures! A pic or two soon to come.

And my apologies to everyone for my absence on here. Between working on projects at our new house, work, and the baby, I haven't had any time to take really any photos. I hope it changes in a while.

I love my new little baby girl though! She has that fresh baby smell!
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Like the title says, thank you all so much for your kindness.  I appreciate all of the birthday wishes that I received.  It really means a lot to see so many people taking a little time out of their day to wish me a happy birthday.  I do apologize about not getting back to everyone on here sooner.  I've been absent due to the amount of house work I have to do now that my wife and I actually own a house :D  I'd say that I'd be on here more to come in the near future, but I am uncertain of this.  That is because we'll be having our first child.  I'm sure that instead of landscapes there will be tons of kid pictures filling up the gallery but who knows.  Maybe I'll be able to find some time to get out and enjoy some time outdoors like every summer.  Fingers crossed!

Jacob Routzahn
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OMG!!!  I'm in the finalists for Outdoor Photographer 4th Annual Great Outdoors Contest!!!  Please please please check out my photo "Reflect" at the link and vote if you think it is worthy of a win.  I can't believe this!…
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Well girls and boys,

The time has arrived.  Through tons of work, some procrastination, way more work, and final adjustments (which there are still a few) it is time.  My website is finally finished!  Please share with as many people as you would like and feel free to give me any constructive criticism you'd like.  But please, check it out!  

Thanks so much to all of you who continue to inspire me, help me and support my efforts to become a great photographer.

Jacob Routzahn
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I know I just had you guys vote for my last image for Outdoor Photographer Magazine, but now another contest has emerged.  If you feel like it, whether you're bored or whatever, you are MORE than welcome to swing by and vote for the different shots I've posted.  :D  I think I may have another good chance of winning, maybe, we'll see.  But it's all up to you guys! :D  Thanks so much if you do!…  <-------- The link!
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Please guys, if you can I'd be very grateful if you would check out my photo and click on the stars to rate the shot. Preferably making them 5 ;) I'm in the running for maybe being published in a magazine I read often! Thanks if you do!…
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I just wanted to give :iconisacgoulart: a very big thank you for submitting my image Peer Over the Horizon by Jacob-Routzahn as a daily deviation.  It really means a lot to me that he would be so considerate and appreciate his support.  As well as all of yours!  Thanks again to all of you for your continual inspirations and input.  

Jacob Routzahn
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I need your guys help! Please swing by and vote for my image! It would be very appreciated on my end and I think it only takes a second.…
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Well, it is official.  I'm back from my seven day photo excursion to Ouray, Ridgeway, Telluride, and The Canyonlands (Island in the Sky and The Needles).  

Needless to say it was quite an experience considering I was wandering all over these places by myself for a week straight, however.  Even though there were some lonely times, the scenery was not lacking by any means.  Ouray/Ridgeway is the last place in Colorado to peak in color and I was there just in time.  But not only was the landscape poppin, the people I met along the way were outstanding.  I've never met individuals with such huge hearts and hospitality.  From my new dear friend Shaun Ray that took me into camp and cooked me banana pancakes and bacon with his friends the next morning, to German native Peter Sierla, that not only let me use his 24mm f/3.5 TS-E while in the False Kiva.  But also bought me a bite to eat at the Moab Brewery while we talked nothing but photography until late in the night.  There are some truly amazing people out there and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to meet them and experience such fantastic lighting/scenery.  

On the trip though, I was able to capture images I've had in my head for years, some as long as six.  Others I had to track down to try and create my own dramatic representation.  Anyway you look at it, expect some fun shots to start popping up soon and I hope that you all enjoy them as much I did experiencing the areas.

Hello everyone and how are you doing?

I'm getting ready for another photo excursion, unfortunately though dog can't join me this time :(  However, I'll be hitting up Maroon Bells for fall colors, Crystal Mill (hopefully), Ice Lake outside of Ouray, various vistas around Ouray and topping it all off with a nice visit to the Canyonlands (hence why dog can't come with).  Does anyone have any suggestions for the Canyonlands?  I've got a guidebook that I've read through and have quite a few options listed, but I just want some people with personal experiences to chime in.  Just to let me know their thoughts.  I'll be doing the false kiva, mesa arch again, areas in the maze and other spots, but again, just wanting to know what you all are thinking.  Please let me know and I can't wait to hear your responses.

And if any of you are wanting to meet up, let me know!  I'd love to shoot with you guys and I'll definitely enjoy the company.  Just don't be a serial killer and do something weird.  Like scalp me and wear it around the park....please ;)  Anyhoo, hit me up if you wanna come along or meet up for a couple days.  I'll be out and about from the 29th till the 6th of October.  

And wish me luck!

Jacob Routzahn
Hey everyone!  Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and getting some great light.  If you all have a moment, you should swing by my Facebook page and like it, if you do.  I've been on there a while and think that you all may enjoy it as much as I enjoy taking the photos.  So come on by and pay a visit!

Jacob Routzahn…
There is a website dedicated to ripping on the works of Marc Adamus.  This person is pathetic and a purist and complains about common things such as exposure blending and focus stacks.  Please join me in exposing this jerk and ripping on his critiques so that we can expose this cry baby for what he is.  Envious.  

Here is a perfect example of his critique:…
I have an image that I've been tinkering with that is high contrast black and white.  The problem I'm running into is that I'm getting those unwanted sharpened waves running across the sky.  The ones that look like bands of different shades.  I've tried to add a blur mask to take it away but that didn't work.  Tried manually blurring them and nothing.  Any idea how to fix the issue?  Any hints I'd love to hear them.  


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If you are having the worst software issues or PC problems I just finished using igennie technical services and they are dedicated and trustworthy.  I paid some cash for a year of their support, but I'm not kidding when I say they are patient and willing to fix the problem no matter what.  They have spent over five hours helping me to get my computer up and running at peak efficiency and my photoshop to work properly again.  Thanks so much you guys for everything!!!  Anikate rules!!!
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Let's see if any of you are having the same issue I am.

I will open up a bunch of RAW images in PS CS5.1 and begin editing/saving them.  After sometime, I will get a Camera Raw Save Status indicating that 'There was not enough memory' to complete the request.  I have 532 GB of free hard drive space on one hard drive and 132 GB on the other.  I've been reading and some people have said that the computer may not have enough RAM to complete request.  Others say that you may be trying to save too many at the same time.  And others say to save them to a sub-folder within the main folder.  

I have done the sub-folder thing and same problem.  I have reduced the amount of images all the way to one that I am editing and still, same problem.  RAM, I have plenty.  

So what in the hell is up?!  Please help me before I lose my mind!

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Alright DA community and friends, I have a question concerning PS CS5.  I know it is probably a simple one, but it has been pestering me for sometime now.  It is about the gradient tool.  Before I upgraded my PS, I use to be able to use the gradient tool on a mask multiple times.  Now however, I can only use it once.  When I try and use it again on the same mask, it rests itself to the most recent application and removes the previous alteration.  Does anyone have any clue how to reset it?  I'd be most appreciative for any answers.  

Thank you for your time and I look forward to any replies.

Finally the last piece to arrive, the camera!!!  I'm super excited to say, even though I haven't been shooting a lot lately, I'm still into photography :)  I've just been super swamped with a million things to do.  I finally am starting to get some, just a little, free time to go out and shoot.  So, now with the new cam, I'm more excited than ever!  Now just to learn how to use it properly before I take a shot.  Better read the manual.
I've been unable to take photographs for over the past two months due to a side job.  That side job is almost over, however.  I was able to begin my shopping spree for the camera gear I've always wanted.  So far I've purchased:

Canon 5D MkII
Canon 5D MkII Battery Grip
Canon LP-E6 (six) batteries
Canon TC 80N3 Cable Release
Really Right Stuff BH 30 LR ballhead
RR Stuff L-Bracket
RR Stuff Reg. Bracket
Gitzo Moutaineer 6X Series CF tripod


Canon 24-70 f/2.8 USM L lens

I've been waiting years for a day like today and I'm soooooo freaking happy!  Off to finish my side job today too!
So now more pictures to come soon!

Jacob Routzahn
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I've finally got photoshop again!!!  Hurray!!!!  Let the work begin!